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5 DOF Port Aligner

5 DOF Port Aligner

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5 DOF Port Aligner
SKU: PA200(5DOF)100
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A 5 DOF (Degrees of Freedom) Conflat Port Aligner is a device used in vacuum systems, particularly in high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum environments. Conflat (CF) is a widely used flange standard in vacuum technology. These port aligners are designed to provide precise alignment and adjustment of components within a vacuum chamber. The 5 DOF indicates that the device allows adjustments along five different axes or directions.

Here's a breakdown of the degrees of freedom in a typical 5 DOF Conflat Port Aligner:

  1. Translation along X, Y, and Z Axes: These degrees of freedom allow movement along the three spatial dimensions. This enables users to shift and align components in the horizontal (X and Y) and vertical (Z) directions.

  2. Rotation around X and Y Axes: Rotation around the X and Y axes provides angular adjustments. This allows users to tilt or rotate components to achieve precise alignment within the vacuum chamber.

Conflat flanges typically have a knife-edge sealing mechanism, ensuring a high vacuum seal when properly aligned. The port aligner helps users achieve and maintain this alignment during installation and operation.

Applications of 5 DOF Conflat Port Aligners include:

  • Vacuum Chambers: Used in research and industrial settings for various applications, such as material deposition, surface analysis, and particle accelerators.

  • Particle Physics Experiments: In experiments that require a high vacuum environment, precise alignment of components is crucial for accurate data collection.

  • Thin Film Deposition: Processes like physical vapor deposition (PVD) or chemical vapor deposition (CVD) require precise alignment to achieve uniform coating on substrates.

When using a 5 DOF Conflat Port Aligner, it's essential to follow proper procedures for installation and adjustment to ensure optimal performance and vacuum integrity. The degrees of freedom provided by the aligner allow for fine-tuning and alignment of components within the vacuum system, contributing to the overall efficiency and reliability of the system.

SKU: PA200(5DOF)100 revB

5 DOF Port Aligner DN200CF (10" OD)
Both flanges tapped (M8x10)
Mid-stroke 100mm
ID 200mm
Working temperature 20°C
Baking temperature 200°C
Guaranteed cycles 1'000
max lateral displacement 4.5mm
Stroke axial (max lateral) -5.8mm / +20mm
OR angle bending 5°
max torsion 0°


  • CF Membrane bellows made of 1.4404 (AISI 316L)
  • Joint heads made of 1.4301 (AISI 304)
  • Joint heads ball eye made of 1.4125 (AISI 404)
  • Turnbuckles made of A2
  • Screws and nuts made of A4
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