Collection: Motion & Manipulation

For over two and a half decades, Ferrovac's Magnetically Driven Wobblestick Manipulators have been synonymous with delicate and precise manipulations in ultra-high vacuum systems. Utilizing the principle of magnetic force coupling, these manipulators ensure unrivaled performance by keeping shaft motion unaffected by atmospheric pressure differences within the ultra-high vacuum environment. This design innovation provides operators with unparalleled control, allowing nearly force-free guidance of the wobblestick shaft for smooth, precise positioning and manipulation.

By harnessing the power of magnetic coupling, these manipulators minimize the risk of leaks, a significant improvement over conventional wobble sticks that rely on long bellows stacks for linear motion. This magnetically driven design enhances system integrity and reliability, reducing the likelihood of system failures and maintaining a robust operational environment. Additionally, the absence of mechanical wear and tear associated with magnetic coupling ensures a much longer lifespan compared to traditional wobble sticks, offering exceptional durability and sustained performance over time.

Furthermore, Ferrovac's manipulators feature continuous shaft rotation, providing enhanced flexibility and maneuverability. This capability makes complex operations smoother and more efficient, allowing for a broader range of applications within ultra-high vacuum systems. By offering force-free control, leak-proof reliability, extended lifespan, and continuous shaft rotation, these manipulators set a new benchmark in precision and efficiency, elevating ultra-high vacuum operations to unprecedented levels.