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Port Aligner

Port Aligner

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Port Aligner with edge welded bellows.

Three left/right threaded hexnuts allow for angular as well as linear adjustment. The alignment screws are equipped with pivot mounts on one end, and bolted to the CF-Flange on the other end.

  • material stainless steel 1.4404 (316L)
  • flange with through holes
    • Compact version traveling flange tapped
      • Ultra Compact version both flanges tapped
      • angular range +/-5° (DN63CF +/-7.5°)
        • insertion lengths with linear adjustment
          • DN16CF 51mm +/-6mm
          • DN40CF 90mm +/-5mm
            • DN40CF Compact 60mm +4mm/-11.3mm
              • DN40CF Ultra Compact 53mm +4mm/-11.3mm
                • DN63CF 100mm +/-5mm
                • DN100CF 100mm +/-5mm
              • free inner bores (when centered)
                • DN16CF 16mm
                • DN40CF 38.4mm
                • DN63CF 65mm
                • DN100CF 104mm
              • fully UHV compatible materials
              • bakeout temperature 200 °C max.
              • Swiss made
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