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Boomerax™ XY Translator Stage

Boomerax™ XY Translator Stage

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Flange sizes and types with xy-travel
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Experience unparalleled precision and reliability with our state-of-the-art UHV Boomerax XY Stages, engineered to perfection. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, our XY Stages are designed to meet the most demanding standards in terms of performance, durability, and precision.

When combined with our Boomerax Z-axis shift modules and rotary feedtroughs, you'll have everything you need to create a complete XYZ R1 Manipulator that takes your experiments to the next level.

Smooth 2-Axis Adjustment
Our XY Stages offer exceptionally smooth and precise 2-axis adjustment, allowing you to fine-tune your setup with ease and accuracy.

Leak-Tight and Durable
Featuring the highest quality edge welded bellows, our stages fulfill even the strictest requirements for leak tightness and long-term durability, ensuring your experiments run smoothly without interruptions.

Versatile Micrometers
Equipped with large OD micrometers boasting a vernier scale, with a remarkable 2-micron resolution, enabling you to make incredibly precise adjustments with confidence.

Adjustable Tilt
Enjoy a 2° adjustable tilt, giving you the flexibility to set your experimental parameters exactly as needed.

Mechanical End Stops
Easily configure your setup with adjustable mechanical end stops, providing an added layer of control and safety.

Customizable Options
Tailor your XYZ R1 Manipulator to your specific needs with optional retrofittable motorization, optical encoders or incremental encoders, adjustable limit switches, and load compensation constant force springs.

Precision meets versatility with the Boomerax XYZ R1 Manipulator, your trusted partner in achieving groundbreaking results in your research and experiments. Don't compromise on accuracy—choose Boomerax for the ultimate in manipulation technology.

Unlock the future of precision manipulation—contact us today to learn more about how the Boomerax XYZ R1 Manipulator can revolutionize your work.

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