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Ferrovac AG

Wobble Stick (Wobblestick)

Wobble Stick (Wobblestick)

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Shaft version
Linear travel
SKU: WM40-TSWM-0100-0060
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Magnetically driven wobblestick manipulators from Ferrovac define the benchmark for delicate and precise manipulations in ultra-high vacuum systems.

  • Motion Stability: Due to the principle of magnetic force coupling, the motion of the shaft is not affected by the difference between atmospheric pressure and ultra-high vacuum. This allows the operator to guide the shaft of the wobble stick nearly force-free in a smooth and controlled way.

  • Leak Prevention: Magnetic coupling minimizes the risk for leaks and ensures longer lifetimes compared to conventional wobble sticks employed with long bellows stacks for linear motion.

  • Continuous Rotation: Magnetically driven wobble stick manipulators always allow for continuous rotation of the shaft.


  • Angular Deflection: +/-20 degrees (if mounted to a wobblestick flange)
  • Linear Force: 30N (High Torque 60N)
  • Torque:
    • Single Shaft: 0.5Nm (High Torque 1.0Nm)
    • Dual Shaft: 0.4Nm
  • Minimum Retracted Lengths (unless otherwise specified):
    • Single Shaft: 60mm
    • Dual Shaft: 63mm
    • Dual Shaft incl. Pincer: 90mm
  • Bakeout Temperature: 200°C max.
  • Pressure Range: 1E-11mbar to 1000mbar
  • Materials: Fully UHV compatible
  • Includes Parking-/Protection Rail

Versions Available:

  • Single Shaft Wobble Stick: for grabber/screwdriver
  • Dual Shaft Wobble Stick: for pincer grip

Made in Switzerland

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