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Hexapod Port Aligner

Hexapod Port Aligner

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Pat. no. US 11189455 | CN 11396441 | JP 7205944
Pat. pending no. EP 3895196 | AU 2019398069 | CA 3133705

Hexapod Port Aligner with edge welded bellows.

Used to align transfer axes of manipulator-to-chamber or chamber-to-chamber systems, port aligners are indispensable for most sample manipulations and transfer mechanics in UHV.

While all types of port aligner allow for angular and linear adjustments and compensation, the "Hexapod" models additionally enable lateral axis displacement.

Thanks to the Hexapod enhanced flexibility, the axis of for example a sample transporter can be aligned with two different sample exchange positions in just one setting.

Hexapod geometry for full degree of freedom

  • lateral axis displacement
  • length adjustment
  • angular adjustment

This port aligner has six alignment screws instead of the usual three. Left/right threaded hexnuts allow for angular, linear and lateral (off axis) adjustment. The alignment screws are equipped with pivot mounts on both ends. The hexagonal geometry adds additional sturdyness.

Hexapod port aligners are also especially sturdy.

Application example #1
A sample transporter axis needs to be aligned to two points of sample interchange, i.e. a given point of interchange in a chamber A must be aligned with a specific point of interchange in chamber B.

Application example #2
A great specific example of it's implementation is by Imagine Optic, who have made our PA63HEX a standard part of their HASO EUV wavefront sensors.

  • material stainless steel 1.4404 (316L)
  • flange with through holes
  • angular range +/-5°
  • linear adjustment +/-5mm
  • DN40 to DN100 lateral displacment +/-5mm
  • DN160 lateral displacment +/-3mm
  • insertion lengths
    • DN40CF 90mm
    • DN63CF 110mm
    • DN100CF 120mm
    • DN160CF 105mm
  • free inner bores (when centered)
    • DN40CF 38mm
    • DN63CF 66mm
    • DN100CF 102mm
    • DN160CF 150mm
  • fully UHV compatible materials
  • bakeout temperature 200 °C max.
  • Swiss made

Pat. no. US 11189455 | CN 11396441 | JP 7205944
Pat. pending no. EP 3895196 | AU 2019398069 | CA 3133

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