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Ferrovac AG

Grabber for Flag style sample plate for Single Shaft manipulator (Y+20mm)

Grabber for Flag style sample plate for Single Shaft manipulator (Y+20mm)

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The grabber features a slit matching the sample plate's handle. By rotating the wobblestick handle 90 degrees either way, the sample plate clicks into place and is held there gently by a spring loaded piston.
Contrary to similar grabbers from other manufacturers, the GRABSHOM does not have a fixed limit stop. It is thus not possible to overturn and eventually break-off the relatively delicate handle of the flag style plate. Neither can the user turn in the wrong direction, since both directions either lock or release the sample plate in quarter turn steps.

adds 20.0mm to dimension Y of the main product

  • for use with WM40 Single Shaft Wobble sticks or MD16|40 Linear/Rotary Feedtroughs or RM40 Sample Transporter
  • Oxygen-free copper shim for 7mm shafts included
  • continuous rotation for safe handling
  • bakeout temperature 200 °C max.
  • materials stainless steel, titanium, copper

The sample plate is for reference only and is not included in the package.

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