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Battery Powered Ion Pump Controller V3.1 (NiMH Batteries, Not restricted as per SP A199)

Battery Powered Ion Pump Controller V3.1 (NiMH Batteries, Not restricted as per SP A199)

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The LSA3 is a rechargeable battery powered controller for ion pumps with built-in pressure conversion. It displays the vacuum level in mbar for SAES™ NexTorr pumps of the types D100-5, D200-5, D300-5 and D500-5. An acoustic alarm indicates low low battery. An additional input for a Pt 100 sensor is provided allowing for temperature measurement of the LN2 cooled sample stage of a Cryo-UHV-suitcase or for monitoring bakout temperature. Continous battery driven operation is possible for a period of approximately 45h.

The standard LSA3 controller is configured to operate diode ion pumps (positive output polarity).


  • Output to power ion pump:
    • connector: female coaxial connector SHV-10
    • voltage: + 5 kV DC
    • max.current: 20 µA
  • Input for temperature sensor PT100
    • measurement range -200°C to 150°, ±2.5°C
    • connector: male 4 pol, Binder Serie 719
  • Display:
    • pressure in mbar (calibrated for NexTorr D-100-5 or D-200-5 combined NEG-ion pumps)
    • temperature of Pt100 sensor in °C
  • New Inbuilt serial USB interface for:
    • data readout:
      • ion pump current
      • pressure
      • temperature of the sensor input
      • battery voltage in [V]
    • turn on/off (HV)
  • Alarm for low battery (and high temperature)
  • Power supply and integrated battery included
  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • NiMH Batteries, Not restricted as per SP A199

Please order Cables to connect the pump/PT100 separately!

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