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E-Beam Heating Station (P) for Flag Style Plates

E-Beam Heating Station (P) for Flag Style Plates

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Composed of an E-Beam heating stage for SHOM samle holders, this fully configured assembly is completely mounted on a DN40CF (2.75") flange, including wiring and electrical feedthroughs.

This provides complete and customizable, ready to use solution for sample heating/ annealing under UHV conditions up to 2000°C.

  • Distance from flange face to center (or surface) of sample plate: customized.
  • Receiver orientation: P (flag perpendicular to axis)
    • Other options:
      • PS (flag perpendicular to axis, straight)
      • N (flag in-line with axis)
  • Temperature range: RT ~ 2000°C
  • Completely mounted on DN40CF-flange, incl. wiring and electrical feedthroughs.
  • MS type air side connector included.
  • SHV type air side connector included
  • fully UHV compatible materials
  • Controller not included

There is no thermocouple included in this standard version. The thermocouple would be in physical/electrical contact with the sample plate. Therefore, if high sample bias voltages are applied via the ‘sample bias’ feed-through, the thermocouple connector must be disconnected unless you are using a measuring device that can cope with the bias voltage being applied.

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