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Fast Pump Down Dock

Fast Pump Down Dock

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The transfer chamber enables the exceptionally fast transfer of a sample from a portable UHV Suitcase into the UHV-System.

The vacuum in the transfer chamber is created using a turbo pump DN63CF and an LN2 cold trap (both of which need to be purchased separately). This allows for the establishment of a sufficient vacuum within approximately 30 minutes, as opposed to conventional methods where baking out the buffer volume typically takes 24 hours.

Using the transfer chamber for fast transfer, bakeout is not required. This has the additional benefit of the UHV-Suitcase not heating up along with the transfer chamber, which would negatively influence the vacuum inside the suitcase.

  • chamber 4x DN40CF (1.33" OD) metric threaded, 1x DN40CF-WS (1.33" OD) metric threaded for LN2 cold trap and 1x DN63CF (4.5" OD) with through holes for turbo pump
  • including gatevalve DN40CF (1.33" OD) blind metric threaded and 2x viewports DN40CF (1.33" OD) 
  • including removeable extra-compact adapter DN40CF (1.33" OD) to DN40KF

The turbo pump and cold trap is for reference only and is not included in this package.

Developed in collaboration with the Nanoscale Science Department of the Max-Planck-Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart.

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