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Ultra-High Vacuum Suitcase Package for Room-Temperature Transfer

Ultra-High Vacuum Suitcase Package for Room-Temperature Transfer

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Sample type (grabber & parking)
Extended length from gate valve flange
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It is a truly portable, at the same time fully featured, lightweight and slim UHV system. Availability of Combined Non-Evaporable Getter (NEG) and Ion-pump technology in the same pump made it's design feasible.

The high voltage for the ion-pump element is delivered by the rechargeable, battery-driven power supply. The vacuum level is shown directly on the display. The NEG element can be activated with our included controller.

Room-temperature ultra-high vacuum suitcase package.

  • single shaft WM40 wobblestick manipulator with grabber for Flag Style Sample Plates, support rails and simple XY alignment
  • DN40CF gate valve with removeable extra-compact adapter to DN40KF
  • NexTorr D200-5 combined Neg-Ion pump
  • LSA3 controller with pressure and temperature readout
  • LSN1 controller for NEG activation
  • full set of controller cables
  • bakeout tent for UHV suitcase
  • bakeout heater for UHV suitcase
  • flightcase for NexGeneration UHV Suitcase

  • Linear/rotary feedthrough with a stack for Flag Style Sample Holder as storage manipulator
  • Rear-view welded viewport for easy transfer included

  • Weight approx. 12kg
  • Bakeout temperature 150deg C max.

The suitcase is delivered under Ultra High Vacuum, ready for immediate use.

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